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This is my journal. Lame and un-arty. No one wants to read it. Do not ask
Have a nice day:D
Ha ha ha ha ha ha


I drew this while listening/chatting with incredible Tegan on and guess what, super TMI fans were there too. 😀

It’s for a song I’ve been listening for a while, Je l’aime á mourir by Francis Cabrel, and he says:

Elle danse au milieu d’une foret qu’elle dessine”

Which means: She dances in the middle of a forest she draws.

Which sounds like something I would do.

Good Night.



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At the Start of Whatever, Shouting Love at the World

Oh and this is a good day for science.

Because, you know, I wanted to draw, and then I couldn’t, and then I tricked the whole drawing process, and now it’s halfway through awesome. Well, maybe not halfway, but close. I’ll give you details another time.

And it’s a good day because, guess what, I received that book that I won 😀

In case you don’t remember, Heather Zundel held this Epic Contest of Awesomeness on her blog. And you awesome people followed her and I won a book. And what a book!! I won Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. Here is a picture with me going crazy:

Thank you guys, you are all awesome! The best!

The other thing I wanted to say is about another book. Yes, I am aware that I am turning into a geek but I don’t care. At all. I mean, look at this pretty thing! And look! I am not alone in fangirling this time! Say hello to Ancuta, also known as Balonas! Welcome!







Yes, those on top of her head are my glasses. ❤

In case you don’t know, that is Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. Incredibly great book. Hot boy, great name, chocolat chaud and Paris are all included. If you haven’t read it, do so. Now!

Also, yesterday I went to a Piano concert. So, so beautiful! Here’s the poster.


Yes, so now I’m going back to drawing, and soon I shall go and write some stuff, because I’m behind.

Have a good day everyone!





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I Am Number Four

So this is a movie review.

Fact: I go to movies for the actors. Actually, me and my friend do.

So, yes, I went to I Am Number Four for Alex Pettyfer.

And enjoyed every single second of it.

It’s about nine aliens who escaped a planet and came to live on earth. But then the bad guys want to kill them all (by the way, these bad guys are the definition of scary. believe me) and they kill them in order. After the first three were killed, our guy is next.

It was interesting at the beginning, then his leg was shining. Then thinks were a bit weird. Then they began running, and fighting, and there was a hot chick who made him look like a pussy who can’t fight. That was awesome 😛

Ah and my favorite part is at this fair.

Advice: if you absolutely hate horror movies but nevertheless want to see the movie, sit in the back, because it’s so, so scary.

Also, the actors play pretty good, I have not seen many flaws or mistakes in their acting. And the effects are good in quality, and for those who did not read the book, there are interesting turns and twists in the plot.

I usually see the movie first, then read the book, then see the movie again. So I can have the characters in my mind, and not to be disappointed by the movie the first time. The second time I watch it to get a critical approach.

I won’t give it any stars, because out of enthusiasm I’ll give it too many. There are chances I’ll go and see it again soon, and then I’ll know better.

Now go see the movie! It rocks! Choose 7th row.


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Doesn’t want grammar exam

This is me wasting time..

I actually am listening to this beautiful violin music. So, yeah..

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my novel and about the time I don’t have to write it.

And I’ve made new friends.

And I studied hard.

And that is what I should be doing now as well.

But I don;t want to..

Gah, the grammar exam tomorrow will be so hard. I hope I’ll get a high mark.

I’ll go now. See you 😀

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What do you do when you screw up and it’s your fault?

I’m drinking really hot tea and I am trying really hard not to think about what definitely was my worse day in college so far.Such a freaking bad mood. Not the one in which you don’t feel like doing anything, but I feel like whatever I might do is not good enough. And will never be good enough.
I don’t have any answers. And it seems that I am not COHERENT. Piece of #@%^!

Why do we keep up this charade?
How do we tell apart the time to leave from the time to wait?
When do we draw the line?

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Besides the beautiful metaphor of the title, I enjoyed this book for its originality, for Mindi Scott’s courage to explore a character in such a complicated situation as Seth’s. I read the book on a Sunday, from beginning to the end. That is what I call a productive day.

If you know me, you are probably tired of my talking about the book, nevertheless, I am saying  it again: read Freefall, it’s amazing.

Also, Mindi Scott has a nice contest on her website, here. You can win your own copy of Freefall and, for Harry Potter fans, a hand knitted scarf! Enter the link for more details.

As for the book, don’t believe me. Go and see for yourself how a Young Adult novel can be different from everything that is on shelves right now.

I wonder when will this be translated into Romanian…


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Funny new life

Okay so I thought that this life was boring and dull. Then awesome and exciting. Then hard to understand and chaotic. Now there’s funny. Like really. People are just masks. At first at least. So in this brand new life I’m living I can be whoever I freaking want. The possibilities are endless. And you – it always has to be you, doesn’t it- gave me today an exciting idea. My subconscious really can’t stop laughing. And I have a funny feeling in my stomach.

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