Il est demain.

Good morning sunshine!

Here it is:

Well, well, it’s 10:24 and I have been awake since 7.

If there’s a story behind every story, well, this is it. This one here. The one you’re reading (looking confused at the screen, I might add).

There has been progress:

I have written chapters, I have lost a chapter (yes, I am that stupid sometimes), I have read things and drawn others. The most awesome thing is that I have sorted some stuff in my mind.

Before, it looked like this:

 Now, it looks like this:

See? Slightly better.

Also, I am proud to announce that the first chapter of “Turning to Ashes” has won Third Place in an University Creative Writing contest. I am this –> [–]  close to finishing the first draft.

I have to do it!      I have to do it!

 I have to! I have to! I have to!

Sure, it helps a lot when the browser is closed and there’s no one on Facebook, but I manage… barely.

The bad news?

The exam period is coming soon, I have five days of “vacation”, one day and a half had passed and I haven’t even done one of the scheduled projects.

Because I’m that good at organizing!

And without further ado, I shall leave you to your business and I shall proceed to mine.

Auf wiedersehen!

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