DIY Birthday Cake!

Hello there!

I had this insanely busy vacation and actually have no idea what I did most of the time. It has been like a hangover after the crazy drunk time that was the second semester.

At the end of the summer was my birthday, though, and that is an even I couldn’t miss. I am now 20 years old. And I do feel older, and so very tired.

On the bright side, which I can barely see now at 11 PM after a day of physiotherapy and other housework, here are the steps of creating my cake.  It was super delicious! Total chocolaty yumm!

So you take one piece of cake that you previously baked and put it in a cake shape.

Then you add a layer of chocolate cream. Pardon me, The Best Chocolate Cream! In which I added Finetti.

And taste the cream a little bit, because, you know, what if it needs more chocolate?

Then put yet another piece of cake.. and so on.

And if little cousin over there hasn’t eaten all Finetti, maybe you could add some on the top layer as well!

Ta-daa! The great result!

It was a very super awesome cake. Too bad we were ten people to eat it, so everyone just had a slice, and I promised myself to make another one when I get home- obviously I didn’t…

Thank you tons, Geta’s mom! She gave me this amazing recipe, and I totally loved it!

So, this is me, blogging from the floor of my room, being all twenty and stuff, and sleepy and tired.

I guess age makes us more shallow, because I don’t have anything smart to say tonight.

Good night!


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One response to “DIY Birthday Cake!

  1. geta

    that’s sure an awesome cake
    it’s the best of my moms bests

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