If I Stay and Where She Went

I just finished reading this first book. I think I’ll give it a 3 out of five. It’s not that I didn’t like it, because, all in all it’s been a good enough book, but it didn’t make me twist of feel anything the characters did. I could feel the hard work the author put into writing this, though, and somehow that is a downside.

What I liked is how the characters were made real. A hippie couple formed a family and even though we don’t read about Mia’s parents much, we know there was a great love story behind it.

There aren’t many things to say about the book, the plot is simple and the author’s intentions are obvious, so no surprises are on the way.

Sure enough, the second book I have by Gayle Forman is Where She Went and it’s the sequel to If I stay I don’t know exactly how much had passed from IIS but it seems interesting for now, even though it starts on the same slow pace.

Unlike the first book, I felt sorry that it ended. The pace was slow at times, perhaps in an attempt to show not tell, but Adam’s point of view was a brilliant idea and extremely pleasant for me to read. I thought at the begging that I’d give this book a 3.5, but I believe it made it into a 4 star.

I have enjoyed it despite some repetitive motifs. But It’s the end that makes the book. And the last 20 pages or so were really good. As was the explanation the author gave for If I Stay.

So, yeah, if you feel depressed, go read If I Stay, then this great sequel, and feel better.


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