I drew this while listening/chatting with incredible Tegan on and guess what, super TMI fans were there too. 😀

It’s for a song I’ve been listening for a while, Je l’aime á mourir by Francis Cabrel, and he says:

Elle danse au milieu d’une foret qu’elle dessine”

Which means: She dances in the middle of a forest she draws.

Which sounds like something I would do.

Good Night.



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3 responses to “Creativity

  1. 1. Did you post this to the Sounis community in LiveJournal?

    2. I came here from a post of yours while tracking down a Sandman quote. You wrote:

    >>>Does anyone know if there is a real mythological “oldest of games”? I am having my English thesis on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and I like this episode really much. I would like to talk about it.<<<

    See the British Isles folksong "The Two Magicians".

  2. This image is amazing! Congrats!

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