At the Start of Whatever, Shouting Love at the World

Oh and this is a good day for science.

Because, you know, I wanted to draw, and then I couldn’t, and then I tricked the whole drawing process, and now it’s halfway through awesome. Well, maybe not halfway, but close. I’ll give you details another time.

And it’s a good day because, guess what, I received that book that I won 😀

In case you don’t remember, Heather Zundel held this Epic Contest of Awesomeness on her blog. And you awesome people followed her and I won a book. And what a book!! I won Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. Here is a picture with me going crazy:

Thank you guys, you are all awesome! The best!

The other thing I wanted to say is about another book. Yes, I am aware that I am turning into a geek but I don’t care. At all. I mean, look at this pretty thing! And look! I am not alone in fangirling this time! Say hello to Ancuta, also known as Balonas! Welcome!







Yes, those on top of her head are my glasses. ❤

In case you don’t know, that is Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. Incredibly great book. Hot boy, great name, chocolat chaud and Paris are all included. If you haven’t read it, do so. Now!

Also, yesterday I went to a Piano concert. So, so beautiful! Here’s the poster.


Yes, so now I’m going back to drawing, and soon I shall go and write some stuff, because I’m behind.

Have a good day everyone!






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One response to “At the Start of Whatever, Shouting Love at the World

  1. balonas

    yay! i’m a freakin star now. *doing happy dance*

    you know, for this u’re gonna give me that other book to read, and not in a pdf format, no-sir-e-bob, but the real deal 😀 don’t you just love me…ok now, i’m popping away :-h

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