Besides the beautiful metaphor of the title, I enjoyed this book for its originality, for Mindi Scott’s courage to explore a character in such a complicated situation as Seth’s. I read the book on a Sunday, from beginning to the end. That is what I call a productive day.

If you know me, you are probably tired of my talking about the book, nevertheless, I am saying  it again: read Freefall, it’s amazing.

Also, Mindi Scott has a nice contest on her website, here. You can win your own copy of Freefall and, for Harry Potter fans, a hand knitted scarf! Enter the link for more details.

As for the book, don’t believe me. Go and see for yourself how a Young Adult novel can be different from everything that is on shelves right now.

I wonder when will this be translated into Romanian…



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2 responses to “Freefall

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this book and that you are giving Mindi props and recognition for exploring a new type of character.

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