I really, really really want these pair of sunglasses I saw. They look vintage and look great on me and they’re just not extremely expensive either. But not having money is just such a disappointing situation. Because I never liked a piece of clothing or accessory that much ever before. Except perhaps that string around my wrist that I lost while trying on pretty dresses.

And I don’t really think they’re good for the sun. The glasses I mean. Because they’re clear. But I want them so much.

I think I will start saving money. If I save a minimum sum per day. I could get those in a month. I’ll probably make myself a gift after the exams. But because I am who I am I want them now.  And ironic enough, the amount of money that I own now are exactly the price of those awesome things.

I’ll post a photo if I shall find one.

Thanks for reading. * heart *


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