Gala to honor the living

We honor the dead, most of the times, and we forget to honor the living. We don’t realize how important they are, how special, how wonderful was our life while they were among us. That’s why people cry at funerals. Because they didn’t get to honor the living, so no they honor them in death.

But what if it were to make a gala for every person that is special to us. We go up on a stage and say everything we like about people we love.Now, when they’re still here. They don’t even need to know. Why won’t we make galas for them?People are selfish in their nature. But it’s their selfishness that brings them together, and binds them. It’s love. Melting one into another. Our needs are theirs, our happiness are theirs, our accomplishments and losses and dead.

Why do we cry when people die? Isn’t this the purpose for it all? The rest is just dust. It’s all dust. All but one thing. Death. She is here, always waiting, She was here before you were born and she will exist after everything is gone. Death isn’t meaningless. It sends you back where you came from. She sends you in the arms of God. Even if it’s for a little while. We shall not cry when people die. They all die sometime. We should smile, and without knowing it, every smile we give them makes their life longer even if with barely a second, but it matters, it matters to the one who scarcely hangs between the existences. Because they don’t die knowing there is hope. They never do. They die when all hope is lost. When you close your eyes and say goodbye. That’s when they go. And sometimes they should.

Do not lose your hope and do not hope in vain. People do not die, they pass. They open a door and step trough it. They just leave behind a body, a shell. Would it be easier if they took their body with them? It would,maybe  but it wouldn’t be fair. Earth calls to earth. It’s just the normal way of living and dieing. Everyone lives and dies. What happens between birth and death it’s just a matter of details. Graves do not give details. In a grave everyone is great and wonderful and missed for a little while, then forgotten. That’s why we must honor the living. Because they’re still with us, because they deserve it and because they matter. The living matter!


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