Avatar and Happy Music

Yesterday I went to see  the Avatar movie in 3D. I had some bad seats and the 3D effects weren’t so impressive but I’ve got to tell you, the movie was awesome. They created a world in which I’d absolutely love to live. The plants, the nature, the shiny bugs that glow in the night are wonderful. It makes you cry when characters feel like crying, your heart is tore open when humans destroy this wonderful world, you feel like laughing when happy things happen. It’s wonderful. I have to go and see this movie again.


Today I saw Avatar again, hopefully I got better seats. It still struck me. My heart still beat hard when Jake was hunted by the thanator and my mind still yelled that he’s not gonna make it. Frankly, after such a movie, everything I waited for in 2010 won’t be a big deal. I even thought on my way home, if I were to be a producer, I would be ashamed to get something on the market that’s not at least comparable to Avatar. I gave it a 94/100 the first time I saw it, it’s still 94. Great! Maybe the best movie I had ever seen. And I’m sure I’m not the only one to think that. By the way, I cannot go now and see this on a small screen. This movie is made for big screens, huge ones, I couldn’t watch it now on my laptop even if I could. Go see it in cinemas. You will not loose anything. Au contraire.

So, happy music. Owl City. That’s the band. They make me smile like a crazy person. They have cute lyrics, funky tunes and Adam Young, the singer, has such a nice voice. Anyway, I should go, me has stuff to do.

Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy yourselves whatever you are doing.


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