Je veux á la chocolaterie


Yummy rich hot chocolate

As much as I know people will kill me for this post I might tell that I my only wish for tomorrow is to go to a chocolaterie.

“Why” would not be a good question because the answer is made of infinite reasons and motives and will only make you drool more.

I’m feeling the sweet smell of cocoa in the air, along with a rich odor of milk. I can see the giant cup in my hands, its warmness almost hurting my palms. I see the delicious content inside and my mouth begins to water even more. Oh how I’d like to take a sip! Then I slowly and carefully put the cup to my lips. The hot drink makes my nerves tingle, but with pleasure. The rich chocolat, slowly, like lava, spills in my mouth. I can tell you what is made of : cocoa beans, well prepared, milk, sugar and just the right amount of hazelnut cream.

If only….





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