Sometimes I wish I could save you
And there’re so many things that I want you to know
I won’t give up till it’s over
If it takes you forever I want you to know

Simple Plan- Save you

Someone save me if you will
And take away all these pills
And please just save me if you can
From my blasphemy in my wasteland

Shinedown- Save me

Come on and save me I’m loosing my touch
Day after day cause I miss you so much
Come on and save me I’m loosing my mind
Waiting and waiting for you to be mine
Come and save me from me…me

Morandi- Save me

Save me save me save me
I cant face this life alone

Queen- Save me

Look at that, everyone wants to be saved.. And let’s face it, you wait for something to save you too… You don’t care if it’s a lover or a friend, or love , or family, you just want to be saved from yourself.

You are sinking in your everyday problems trying to survive. That’s all.. Your goal in life. Surviving. Surviving this miserable life so when your hero comes you’re not dead, you’re still breathing, your heart’s still beating; unevean and slow, but you’re alive. And then your hero comes and does to you whatever he wants then, like magic, you’re saved. Suddenly you enjoy life, see things you didn’t use to see, you stop to smell a flower, to listen to the birds and to admire a couple cuddling on a bench. Suddenly you change for all the people around you because you found love and you feel like floating.

WAKE UP!! Nobody is coming for you!!

It happens in the movies, it might have happened once or twice in the real life, but it’s not happening to you!

Life is dissapointment, everyone you love, sooner or later leaves you or dies, there’s nothing you can do. You end up alone, sitting in the middle of the road thinking what have you done with you life.You end up just like evrybody else.

No one is coming to save you. Only you can do it. By stepping on your ego. Believe it or not, you are your worst enemy. And you cannot defeat it, that would mean killing yourself. And you’re not going to do that. You’re not going to step on your ego.

So keep your head straight and do whatever you want to do. don’t hope for anything or dream too much, because dreams are made to be broken. Ask anyone.

P.S. I’m sorry


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