60 seconds- English version


It’s a story that begins with me, and ends with me. It’s just a matter of starting and ending. The rest is an individual story. Unique and yet the same as everybody else’s.

“No man is an island”

“If we aren’t islands we would be lost, we would sink in others’ tragedies. We were transformed in islands by the others’ tragedies, by our own island nature, and by the configuration and the repetitive form of the stories. The configuration doesn’t change. Once upon a time it was a man that was born, lived and then, a reason or other, he died.”*

I didn’t think at first that it is addressed to me, but why would I? That’s what’s everyone says. Someone must read their books too. The second time, you understand it better. You understand why you feel miserable, disgusted, you feel contempt, apathy, rage, because he wants so. He wants you to feel like an instrument. You become the slave of some lines; you can even feel stabs in the heart and galls on your face.

1 2 3 4 tick tack tick 8 9 tack tick 12 13… I’m watching a movie. I’m not paying attention, and I realize that only in the end when I see I can’t remember anything from it… 30 31 32 tack tick tack It’s closed air in here, a small room. Maybe I should ask for another office. Maybe I’d better ask for a rise. It’s not a good idea to work in a small office with windows in the sun at midday in the middle of July, though. I have to stay here until 4 pm or they won’t pay the whole wage. You should be happy when it’s payment day, but you’re not. The installments must be paid, and there are the taxes too and you have to repair the kitchen sink. There’s nothing left for you, again. You sit on a chair, with your head in your hands, eyes closed, trying to find a way out of all these. …tick tack… you can’t focus at all… 45 46 47 tack tick… it’s pleasant to get out with your friends in the evening. The cool air clears your mind and you forget everything. You can laugh freely in a park or in the pub you usually gather … tick tack tick… Time comes closer…tick tack… you laugh heartily and enjoy a nice afternoon… tick tack tick.. .The time touches your spine leaving behind a shivering tremble. You suddenly stop laughing. Your heart beats fast “What was that?” you wonder. The others seem not to observe that you don’t laugh with them anymore. The time touches you… tick tack 54 55 and you realize you become older by every second 60. What’s there to be done?

* Neil Gaiman – “American Gods”

The assertion:”No man is an island” belongs to John Donne.

One Day I Will- Yiruma


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