it’s about masks

to quote a classic i’ll say that [to have a blog] “you just have to write everyday since february 2001” (it’s a quite inexact quote but don’t blame it on me) so that’s what i’ll do.. and now i have even things to say.. things that i wanted to say for a few days now.:)

first of all.. after watching neil gaiman for an hour i adopted, in my mind of course, the british accent.. and that’s interesting cuz it makes me feel like i could write.

what i wanted to say.. is about people.. people around me… wearing a mask.. and curiously…hiding the mask with another one….. it’s like.. wow.. the super cool popular.. super sociable.. sensible, fragile..(damn you boys.. you sucked all my inspiration with your IMs).. well.. i’ts this girl.. secretly being a wannabe .. making a deviant account just for showing off.. hiding all her comments just to seem more..mysterious .. but she isn’t.. you know.. in moments of high tense the mask tends to fall… and you only see the other mask and some veins underneath it…maybe the real face would be never revealed .. but she still lives with fear that some would tell people how the other mask is… and especially.. the little you saw behind the mask.. and that little is nasty….. like.. a reaally bad and ugly person that’s hunting you for a meaningless reason.. i am wondering if she will ever grow up.. she keeps saying how mature she is and how much is she changed.. i don’t say no.. she slowly and unobservable changed the mask with another one.. and i don’t know how she does but she keeps changing it. and now i see.. i found another person with a mask.. or maybe we all have masks, because we are all afraid of people finding out what is inside us and how we really are.. never trust anyone.. never do… your heart will be broken sooner or later…

Maybe i’ll find someday a way to be myself..


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