and she grew beautiful and wise that all other princesses envy her… no.. actually that’s the wrong story.. my princess was ugly and dumb and everyone laughed at her..actually.. there was no princess.. just a normal teenage girl.. with normal looks and brain.. and normal friends.. and normal fights with friends… wishing to fall in love in New York while shopping in Manhattan.. just she didn’t knew love can be found closer… can be right in front of her face.. staring at her.. just waiting for an yes…

i’ve seen lately a very nice movie..Mirrormask… it has a very nice screenplay and it’s all so neil gaiman-ish 😛

it’s interesting because it’s not a love story…it’s rather a story about finding yourself.. and helping others. and making friends.. and accepting advice.. and.. not having a mask.

Because people often have masks…” how do they know if they’re happy or sad if they don’t have a mask?” they keep being as the mask sais.. they keep being like that until the mask becomes itchy and you can’t scratch your face..then you sudenly become angry..and you are sick of being what the mask tells you.. so you take it off.. and throw it away then try to be what you were before the mask.. if there’s anything left of YOU underneath the mask. You hardly try to remember that missing YOU.. try to find the person you wanna be… then.. the inevitable comes.. you have to wear another mask to fulfill your wish.. have to wear the mask of “the new you”.. you don’t like it at’s itchy and looks horrible and you want to get rid of it… then you get used to it.. then you start liking it.. and becomes part of you.. so you’re happy with it and the “you” you have became.

“A philosopher once asked, “Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?” Pointless, really…”Do the stars gaze back?” Now *that’s* a question.” now.. this could be the beggining for a story.. well.. actually is:P..

“Ha! You may think I’m a hardhearted black sock, but underneath this dark woolly exterior is a naked pink foot.” <== this line over here made burst laughing. really now.. you should see Mirrormask.. it’s an awesome great least for the ones of you who didn’t think you liked science fiction.

that’s how all started.. looking for a book in the library…


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